What is ICBeyondBody?

ICBeyondBody will inspire you to learn about and share healthy thoughts and behaviors. ICBeyondBody is a journey toward body positivity, and our community will guide you each step along the way.

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Video appearances by: Aaron Roberts, Emily Babin, Namarah McCall, Randy Wong-Westbrooke, Cynthia Henderson, Zack Myles, Glenni Rodriguez, Kait Watson, Emma Beedenbender, Christina Belmonte, Katie Browe, Isabella Gervasoni, and Amy Cohen

ICBeyondBody combats the effects of negative body image by changing the language of affirmation away from physical attributes toward qualities that serve the common good. Young people, often women, but also men, strive to achieve a look that’s created, disseminated and deemed beautiful by the popular media through commercial advertising. ICBeyondBody asks people of all ages to join our effort to observe, exhibit and cultivate admirable qualities that go beyond surface appearance.